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Thy Kingdom Come

Release: January 23, 2015

# Tracks: 12 tracks

Total length: 67:18 minutes

On their second album “Thy Kingdom Come” (Rockwerk Records, 2015) the boys take you on an apocalyptic ride through a mystical world full of fantasy, action and horror! Musically located between modern thrash metal, traditional rock and bombastic orchestral music, the concept album tells the story of the comic-book hero like stone-creature “Contracrash” – It rises from flaming lava rivers and sulfur winds to wrest the earth out of demonic claws, which will not rest until it goes down in flames.

The sinister tale, which spins the thematic concept around band and album, is presented in best fantasy manner and has also been made visually accessible to everyone – Renowned artist Eliran Kantor, who usually works for bands like Testament, Iced Earth, Hatebreed or Sodom, created the cover artwork to “Thy Kingdom Come”, as well as illustrations for every single song.

The self-produced album, which includes 12 tracks and an approximate playing time of 70 minutes, features rousing anthems, all devastating thrash pearls, soft ballads and even an epic that breaks the 20 minute limit! Presented in a modern, massive sound robe, the sophisticated and often surprising arrangements were mixed and mastered by Torsten Sauerbrey.
And despite the darkness that surrounds the story of the album, it tells of fighting spirit, hope and unconditional will to make this world a better place. According to their motto and same named song, Contracrash bring forth the message “Born To Survive – To Stand, Fall & Rise”!

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Goddamn Planet

Release: September 11, 2009

# Tracks: 13 tracks

Total length: 53:23 minutes