February 26, 2015 —

We’re in it too!


274 pages including a roundtable talk with Niklas Kvarforth (Shining) and Grutle Kjellson (Enslaved) plus single interviews with our scandinavian cover heroes, a detailed update concerning the new Nightwish era, the start of a new series called URBAN BANGERS with a feature about „Metal im Pott – Gelsenkirchen“, a huge FESTIVAL-PREVIEW section with the upcoming highlights of 2015 and a Vader „back to the roots“ history interview about the re-release of the cult demos from the late 1980s/early 1990s

PLUS 2 exclusive CDs
1.) LEGACY-COMPILATION with 19 songs from Ancient Rites & Hackneyed & Svartsot & Oceano & GRAND MASSIVE & Erazor – Black Thrash Metal & Booze Control & Ripper & Indecent Excision & Negacy & Dehuman & CONTRACRASH & Putrid Offal & Metrum & Tellus Terror & Cvinger & Dave Esser & ELA & Texas Cornflake Massacre

2.) Split-EP featuring six (three per band) exclusive / rare tracks from SHINING & ENSLAVED!

*4 posters ( Chapel Of Disease & Melechesh & Vader & Negură Bunget)


274 Seiten inklusive spannendem Roundtable mit Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING) und Grutle Kjellson (ENSLAVED) sowie Einzelinterviews zu unseren skandinavischen Coverhelden, umfassender NIGHTWISH-Bestandsaufnahme, Neustart der Rubrik URBAN BANGERS mit dem Feature „Metal im Pott – Gelsenkirchen“, großer FESTIVAL-VORSCHAU – Die Highlights der Saison 2015 und VADER „Back To The Roots“-History-Interview zum Re-Release der Demos

PLUS 2 exklusive CD-Beilagen
1.) LEGACY-COMPILATION mit 19 Songs von Ancient Rites & Hackneyed & Svartsot & Oceano & Grand Massive & Erazor & Booze Control & Ripper & Indecent Excision & Negacy & Dehuman & Contracrash & Putrid Offal & Metrum & Tellus Terror & Cvinger & Dave Esser & ELA & Texas Cornflake Massacre

2.) Split-EP mit jeweils drei neuen/raren Songs von unseren Titelhelden SHINING & ENSLAVED!

*4 Poster (Chapel Of Disease & Melechesh & Vader & Negura Bunget)

Ab sofort erhältlich!

“Thy Kingdom Come” Out Now!!!

January 23, 2015 —

“Thy Kingdom Come” out now!!!

This is the day we’ve been waiting for since summer 2011.
Hard to believe it’s been almost four years since we’ve decided to do a concept album.
Due to its complex structure, it hasn’t always been easy with “Thy Kingdom Come”. The story had to be written and the music, the arrangements, of course the lyrics and last but not least: all the artwork had to back it up – but still be able to stand alone for themselves.

When we look at the end result, the work and wait were both worth it! And we want to thank everyone who was involved in the making of this album. And of course we want to thank YOU for supporting us by listening to our music!

We hope you’ll enjoy “Thy Kingdom Come” as much as we do!


“Thy Kingdom Come” is available here:

Amazon, Itunes

If doesn’t deliver to your country, write to info(at)


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January 22, 2015 —

This is our new Homepage! Enjoy!

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